September 03, 2015 0 MvvmCross

Working with MvvmCross

I needed for an app project the possibility to work cross-platform for iOS, Android and Windows. Unfortunately my work-with library prism didn’t support it at this time and I needed to look for a new MVVM framework with cross-platform support. At my search I found MvvmCross and after a closer look I felt in love with the framework. It is simple, effective and powerful and all these qualities can be found on iOS, Android and Windows.

Why is MvvmCross so powerful?

It is because it has a lightweight plugin-system which allows you easily create your main code in a PCL Library and your platform specific code in a separate platform assembly. Together with Xamarin you have one codebase and use it for all your apps.

As a starting point you should go through the N+1 tutorial series of the main contributor Stuart Lodge. Take a look ;)

You can find the code, plugins and examples on github.

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