August 12, 2015 0 Technology

Sync git and mercurial repository

A powerful source control is very important for every developer. There are a few of them out. For very simple projects you can use a central source control like SVN. I usually prefer a DVCS (distributed version control system) like git or mercurial. When you are working together with an external developer or you have a colleague that favorite one DVCS over another you have to decide which one you use.

Especially in Orchard, which was started on mercurial and moved to git later, there are a lot of modules still in a mercurial repository. If you want to move this from mercurial to git, it shouldn’t be a big problem, but what happens if you want to get the changes from the mercurial repository?

For this scenario there is a small tool online. The website is called and it is developed and maintained by Lomiq. With this website it is fairly simple to create a connection between a git and a mercurial repository. Check it out yourself.


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