April 14, 2015 0 Orchard CMS

Orchard moved to GitHub

As a result of the huge problems that Codeplex has had in the last few weeks and the popularity GitHub has gained, Orchard CMS decided to move from Codeplex to GitHub. The decision was made a few weeks ago and was welcomed by the Orchard community. Yesterday, the actual migration from codeplex to GitHub took place.

What is new?

The source code and all of its issues were migrated from Codeplex into the new Orchard GitHub repository. If you want to file a new bug report, you have to use the integrated issue tracker of GitHub from now on.

Unfortunately, the PullRequests couldn’t be moved to the new repository. Every developer who has outstanding PRs at Codeplex has to reapply them on GitHub.

The forum still lives at the codeplex site for now, but migration to a new discourse-forum is on the way. If you have questions about Orchard, use the old codeplex forum or http://orchardpros.net for now.

From my personal point of view I am really glad that Orchard took this step and I hope that the Orchard community will keep growing.


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