April 24, 2015 1 Windows Phone

How to fix WhatsApp Notifications on WP

Yesterday I had a hard time getting my WhatsApp notifications to work on my Lumia 635 (Windows Phone 8.1). Every single time I dismissed WhatsApp I would get the following warning and whenever I received a message nothing would be displayed.


In order to check for messages I had to open WhatsApp manually and honestly, who wants that? That's why I started searching the web and tried a few different things to solve the problem but without any success.  After a long time of searching and trying I found my solution in a forum and it was so simple.

Because of not having a data plan here in the US I depend on a wifi network in order to receive messages. To get push notifications WhatsApp tried to use my cellular data connection instead of my wifi. I simply had to disable my cellular data and now everything works fine.

How do disable your cellular data?

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Jason Bonham 2015-05-18 3:11

Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS kind stranger.

I was losing my mind and none of the other sites I found mentioned checking the cellular data settings. This fixed it perfectly.

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